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andysquare300Hi! I’m Andy Smith from the Practical NLP Podcast. I’m an NLP trainer and coach and I’ve been helping people with accelerated change for over 20 years. I qualified as an NLP Practitioner in 1995, a Master Practitioner in 1996 and an NLP trainer in 1997.

I’m a serial NLP practice group founder – I started the Richmond NLP Group (along with Nick Driscoll) in 1996 and it’s still going strong, having been through a couple of changes of management. I also started the Manchester NLP Group and the Manchester Business NLP and Emotional Intelligence Group, all of which have given countless people their first step on their NLP journey.

The Practical NLP Podcast exists to spread the word about NLP to more people. There are tools here that you can use for your own personal development, and they’re easy to understand and use when they’re explained well. So the podcast aims to give you the information you need while avoiding as much of the jargon as we can.

I’m pleased to say that people seem to like this podcast, judging by the number of five star reviews we get on Apple Podcasts. So if you want to learn about NLP from a source that’s clear and engaging, subscribe to the podcast.

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Apart from doing the podcast, I’ve written a number of books and ebooks, including the acclaimed Practical NLP series. I also do work in corporates and government bodies as an Emotional Intelligence consultant and Appreciative Inquiry facilitator, with a client list including O2, Disney, GlaxoSmithKline, Mizuho Corporate Bank, the Cabinet Office, the Ministry of Defence, and the NHS. I live in rural France but work mostly in the UK, the Middle East and SE Asia.  There is more about corporate coaching and training on my Coaching Leaders site.

Although I haven’t run regular open NLP courses since I moved to France, people keep asking me about NLP Practitioner training. So this is what I’ve decided: I’ll run a course in the UK again if there are enough people interested. We are nearly there in terms of numbers to make it a viable course, so email me at andy@coachingleaders.co.uk if you want to register your interest.

Also, feel free to ask me any questions about NLP or related matters. The best way to do this is as a comment on one of the blog posts. Enjoy browsing around the rest of the site, and thanks for reading!


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