Utilising and Changing Strategies: Practical NLP Podcast 47

Practical NLP Podcast changing strategiesThis week we find out how to use a strategy that you have elicited – for example, finding out someone’s buying strategy and then using it to give the buyer the information they need to make the decision to buy from you.

Also, principles for designing a good strategy, how to change existing strategies and install new ones, and the characteristics of different representational systems when used as steps in strategies.


00:38 – How to utilise a strategy that you’ve elicited
01:58 – Principles of strategy design
02:42 – Why you should keep it simple
05:15 – 7 ways to change a strategy
06:28 – How not to prepare for a presentation – example of a strategy that doesn’t work, and how to fix it
09:55 – What to use different representational systems for in strategies

Duration: 13m 19s

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