The best business NLP book for aspiring leaders

NLP At Work: The Essence of Excellence (3rd Edition) by Sue Knight

388pp (Nicholas Brealey Publishing 2009)
This is a well-structured and  clear overview of NLP as applied to the business world. Sue Knight is a UK-based trainer with a long track record of business consultancy.

The book is obviously written from the welcome recognition that we need to make sure our own house is in order, before we start trying to apply NLP techniques to change people and situations around us.

Her book is great on the importance of integrity and congruence in organisations, and on how to use sensory-rich language in corporate communications. I also found this book very helpful in my work in brand positioning a few years back.

Most of the NLP basics are covered, with the exception of some of the purely therapeutic patterns (such as the ‘phobia cure’) which are not really relevant in a business context. Interestingly, she does include Parts Integration, which is not that easy a process to do on yourself.

The reader benefits from an attractive layout, with plenty of images and diagrams, readable chapters, and plenty of practical exercises and ‘thought-provokers’ so that you’re not restricted to passively taking in information.

This third, expanded edition includes chapters on coaching, hypnotic language, and giving and receiving feedback. Highly recommended!

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