The Apprentice – how not to use Ericksonian ambiguity in business

As yesterday’s Apprentice post seemed to generate a lot of response, here’s another interesting snippet from this week’s episode. 

I’m currently scripting the home study part of an NLP Business Practitioner course and am covering the Milton Model at the moment. This week’s Apprentice UK had a prime example of how not to use Ericksonian ambiguity in a business context, as Glenn attempts to explain his product name and slogan – here’s the clip:  

Ambiguity can be a great tool for evoking additional associations in the reader’s, listener’s or customer’s mind. But if:

a) you have to explain it to them or
b) their response is to laugh at you, not with you 

then maybe your concept needs a bit more work.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Glenn was a bit of an amateur NLP enthusiast, and it wouldn’t surprise me *at all* if ‘Jedi Jim’ has had some NLP training.

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