NLP For Kids And Starting An NLP-Based Business With Gemma Bailey: Practical NLP Podcast 81

This week’s guest is the inspirational Gemma Bailey! Gemma is an NLP trainer and director of NLP4Kids – a company which specialises in bringing NLP to children, their families and schools to help them with mild to moderate mental health and emotional challenges. With a background in childcare Gemma has translated NLP into child friendly […]

The Six Step Reframe: Practical NLP Podcast 55

A useful way to look at ‘problem’ behaviours is to remember there is a positive intention behind them. Separating the intention from the results (which may be unwanted) opens up the possibility of change without ‘resistance’. John Grinder’s ‘Six Step Reframe’ process is an elegant format that uses this principle. You can use this format […]

The Coolest Meta Model Question You’ve Never Seen Before

Well you probably won’t have seen it in the context of the Meta Model anyway. Apologies for the attention-grabbing headline by the way, but I was *very* impressed with this question and I think you will be too. (For non-NLP trained readers, the ‘Meta Model’ is a venerable guide to a set of language patterns […]

What does it mean to focus on ‘structure’ rather than ‘content’ in NLP?

This article was prompted by the above question from one of my readers, a trainer based in Iran. In NLP we are told that they best way to solve a problem, whether it’s a problem that someone would bring to therapy, or the kind of problem that occurs in a work team, is to focus […]

Metaphors: Practical NLP Podcast 44

This week’s podcast is a quick guide to how metaphors are used in NLP and how to create them. Featuring: How metaphor is fundamental to how we think and express ourselves Why an angry person is like a volcano and a relationship is like a journey How talking about hummingbirds could resolve a conflict with […]

Therapy Tips For Time Line Emotional Clearing

Here are some therapy tips for making clearing emotional clearing on the time line even more effective. Note: unless you have trained in Time Line Therapy (or a similar process like Time-Based Techniques), this post probably won’t mean much to you! I trained in Time Line Therapy (the trademarked Tad James version) when I was […]

Andy Austin – Metaphors of Movement at the Manchester Business NLP Group part 2

Here’s the second and final part of the evening that Andrew T Austin, author of the excellent book The Rainbow Machine, did for the Manchester Business NLP and EI Group in July 2009. Lots of good stuff here for therapists, coaches, and anyone interested in personal development and how the mind works. Students of Clean […]

What Is ‘Future Pacing’ In NLP (And Why Is It Useful)?

‘Future pacing’ is a bit of NLP jargon used in changework (therapy or coaching) which essentially means taking your client into the future after an intervention so they can check out what’s going to happen next time they are in the problem situation. This exercise in imagination does four things: It tells you if the […]

The only bit of advice you’ll ever need for dealing with client problems

This posting is designed to be useful for therapists, specifically NLP-trained ones, but might also be helpful to therapists working in other modes, coaches, and even management consultants. I occasionally dip into forums for NLP therapists and trainers on Facebook and elsewhere. The most common type of post I see there is along these lines: […]

Using NLP Principles 6: The only reliable information about someone is behaviour

What do you really know about the way someone else’s mind works – their problems, their beliefs, their feelings, their intentions? Well, you could make guesses – but you might be projecting your own beliefs, judgements or even unacknowledged emotions onto the other person. Or you could go by what they tell you – but […]

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