An NLP Exercise To Increase Your Emotional Self-Awareness

To be able to use your NLP skills wisely, you need to be aware of your own emotions. If you are not in touch with your own emotions, you will not be able to manage them or to recognise emotions accurately in others. In turn, without these competencies, you will not be good at managing […]

Practical NLP 25: Emotional Intelligence

This week’s podcast starts to look at Emotional Intelligence and how it relates to NLP. Featuring: Why emotions are not the enemy of reason Why you need emotions to make decisions A focusing exercise to help you increase your self-awareness Duration: 14:56 Also feature’s Daniel Goleman’s four-quadrant model of Emotional Intelligence:

Universals and emotion

Just a musing prompted by watching UK Big Brother the other night. Some of the housemates get very emotional very frequently – and when they do, they use a lot of universal quantifiers: “This always happens to me”, “I’m never accepted” etc. And I got to thinking – when you’re flooded with emotion, those “always/no-one/never/every […]

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