The SCORE Model: Practical NLP Podcast 78

The SCORE model is not taught on that many NLP Practitioner courses, which is a shame as it’s very useful in coaching and problem solving and doesn’t require superhuman sensory acuity to use (although that helps of course). This episode introduces the model and gives some sample questions and tips on how to use it successfully […]

Levels Of Change: Practical NLP Podcast 58

This week’s podcast covers one of the most useful models in NLP – the ‘Logical Levels’ or ‘Neuro-Logical Levels’ model developed by Robert Dilts. This is a powerful map for coaching individuals, and is also a useful way to analyse change in a team or organisation. It’s even applicable in the field of branding. The […]

The Disney Strategy For Creativity: Practical NLP Podcast 51

This week’s episode features a format you can use to get lots of viable creative ideas from even the most unpromising groups, or that you can use to generate ideas yourself even if you don’t regard yourself as ‘creative’ – it’s the ‘Disney Strategy for Creativity’, modelled and developed by Robert Dilts. Includes: 00.40: How […]

NLP: The Disney Strategy for Creativity

How would you like to facilitate an ideas-generation workshop with a group of insurance underwriters, actuaries and finance people? People who by both inclination and training are about the most detail-focused and risk-averse you could find. Would you be expecting an exciting, productive session, or a day of hard work with not much to show […]

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