Respect For The Other Person’s Map Of The World – Interview With Andy Smith part 2: Practical NLP Podcast 84

This week we have the second half of an interview that we did about how to apply the principles or ‘presuppositions’ of NLP to improve your life and work. In the first half we explored the principle that “The map is not the territory”. In this interview we look at another principle that flows naturally […]

Understanding And Using The Milton Model 3: Distortions

Many of the patterns in the Milton Model are just Meta Model patterns ‘in reverse’ – chunking up for abstraction and vagueness, rather than questions drilling down to specifics. This article considers the patterns we can class as ‘Distortions’. Mind Reads And I know you remember that ‘mind reading’ in NLP describes when someone is […]

Practical NLP Podcast 35: The Meta Model part 1 – Distortions

In this week’s podcast we start exploring the set of magic questions called the ‘Meta Model’, which help you to uncover missing information, challenge generalisations, and straighten out distortions. These questions are going to be ultra-useful to you in all kinds of contexts therapy, coaching, business, and not least in your own personal development and aspects […]

Practical NLP Podcast 33: Presuppositions in Language part 2

This week’s podcast continues to explore different kinds of presuppositions in language. As this is part 2, it would definitely be worth you listening to part 1 first so you get the complete list of linguistic presuppositions. This episode covers these types of presupposition: Awareness Time Adverb/Adjective Inclusive and exclusive Or Ordinal It also features […]

NLP Principles About Change: Practical NLP Podcast 11

This week’s Practical NLP podcast explains the final three of our principles or ‘presuppositions’ of NLP: There is no failure, only feedback The ‘Law of Requisite Variety’ All changes should be evaluated in terms of wholeness, choice and ‘ecology’ The podcast includes some material from the Practical NLP audio course which you can get for free when […]

Using NLP Principles 6: The only reliable information about someone is behaviour

What do you really know about the way someone else’s mind works – their problems, their beliefs, their feelings, their intentions? Well, you could make guesses – but you might be projecting your own beliefs, judgements or even unacknowledged emotions onto the other person. Or you could go by what they tell you – but […]

Using NLP principles 3: People have all the resources they need to succeed

This NLP presupposition is also sometimes stated as ‘There are no unresourceful people, only unresourceful states’. Before we get into the practical ways you can use this principle to improve your life and work, you might want to read this earlier article for some background. Some ways of making this presupposition work for you: Since […]

Practical NLP Podcast Episode 2: The Map Is Not The Territory

All about your mental filters in this week’s podcast, including: why what you are experiencing is not reality the story of The Ultimate Map (with a nod to the great Jorge Luis Borges) the #1 tip for influencing others the secret to accepting other people Subscribe to the Practical NLP podcast via iTunes here. If […]

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