Practical NLP Podcast Back Episodes And Transcripts – Latest Volume Out!

The latest volume of the Practical NLP Podcast collected episodes and transcripts is now available! The theme for this one is mostly around dealing with ‘difficult’ people, although it also includes helpful models for understanding organisational change, predicting the emotional impact of decisions, a useful selection of meta programs, self-awareness and dealing with criticism. Volume 9: […]

Emotional States And Persuasion: Practical NLP Podcast 65

This week on the Practical NLP Podcast, the most important thing you need to know about changing people’s minds – something that many of those ‘Influence with NLP’ and ‘Get anyone to do anything you want’ courses out there don’t tell you. It’s this: the state that your audience are in is going to have […]

Dealing With Difficult People Using The ‘Satir Categories’: Practical NLP Podcast 64

Have you noticed how people tend to act up a bit when they are under pressure? The eminent therapist Virginia Satir found identified 5 typical patterns of behaviour that people tend to fall into when they are stressed. If you’re aware of them, and even more importantly aware of your own patterns, you can start deciding […]

Effective Feedback: Practical NLP Podcast 63

Everyone loves getting feedback! No? Don’t worry, here are some ideas from NLP for giving effective feedback (and what not to do) – plus how to learn from criticism, whether it’s malicious or just from someone who isn’t skilled at giving feedback, while still staying in a resourceful emotional state. Duration: 6m 42s Listen and/or subscribe […]

Presuppositions about Communication: Practical NLP Podcast 10

This week’s episode of the UK’s most listened to NLP podcast introduces three NLP ‘presuppositions’ or principles about successful communication (yes, I know it says ‘six presuppositions’ at the start of the podcast but we’ll cover the other 3 next week): Respect for the other person’s ‘map of the world’ The ‘meaning’ of communication is […]

Practical NLP podcast 9: Mind and Body are one system

A short and sweet episode of the UK’s most listened to NLP podcast this week, all about the NLP presupposition that ‘Mind and Body are One System’. Featuring the ‘mind-body problem’, neuropeptides, a quick exercise to experience the mind-body link, and the most important thing that you need to know about motivation! This podcast includes some […]

Practical NLP Podcast 7: Presuppositions of NLP part 1

This week’s Practical NLP podcast is the first of a series where we explain the principles or ‘presuppositions’ of NLP – including some tips from the Practical NLP audio course which you can get for free when you subscribe to the Practical NLP Newsletter. Subscribe via iTunes here. If you prefer to subscribe using something other than […]

Practical NLP podcast 6: Keys to an Achievable Outcome

This week’s podcast is about goal-setting 101 and features, among other things, why “I want to be happy” is not a goal, why your unconscious mind is like a ship (and how to stop the crew from mutinying), and the meaning of life! As we’re talking about goal-setting, I thought I’d include a picture and […]

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