Levels of Change In Organisations

How does the Levels of Change (also known as “Logical Levels” or even “Neuro-Logical Levels) model relate to organisations and businesses? (Note: this article follows on from Levels Of Change: The NLP ‘Logical Levels’ Model and The NLP ‘Logical Levels’ Model: Questions For Each Level) For me, the relevance of the levels of change model to business […]

Get My New Book – Practical NLP 7: Business And Leadership

Announcing my new book, Practical NLP 7: Business And Leadership! Because business is mostly about dealing with people – listening to their needs, selling to them, motivating them, influencing them, and getting them to work together – NLP skills and tools can help you work, sell and lead more effectively. This book brings together some […]

NLP For Leadership: Episode 69

In this week’s short but sweet episode, some ideas from NLP to help you be a better leader. Includes: the importance of congruence – or integrity, in everyday language how your example affects other people, with research to back it up the 2005 Fast/Tiedens study on how stories can affect behaviour how to have a […]

Recognising And Dealing With Incongruence: Practical NLP Podcast 56

‘Incongruence’ is when someone is in two minds about something, or when their behaviour doesn’t match their words. It can be simultaneous (wanting two different things, being stuck in a dilemma) or sequential (acting one way some of the time, and maybe the opposite way at other times). Other people can usually spot when you’re […]