Practical NLP Podcast 33: Presuppositions in Language part 2

This week’s podcast continues to explore different kinds of presuppositions in language. As this is part 2, it would definitely be worth you listening to part 1 first so you get the complete list of linguistic presuppositions. This episode covers these types of presupposition: Awareness Time Adverb/Adjective Inclusive and exclusive Or Ordinal It also features […]

Practical NLP Podcast 31: Language – Deep Structure and Surface Structure

A short and sweet episode this week as we start getting into the ‘Linguistic’ part of Neuro-Linguistic Programming – language! This episode introduces what’s to come in the next few podcasts, and why this knowledge will give you greater precision in how you use language and, even more importantly, the ability to spot unstated beliefs […]

Universals and emotion

Just a musing prompted by watching UK Big Brother the other night. Some of the housemates get very emotional very frequently – and when they do, they use a lot of universal quantifiers: “This always happens to me”, “I’m never accepted” etc. And I got to thinking – when you’re flooded with emotion, those “always/no-one/never/every […]