Emotional States And Persuasion: Practical NLP Podcast 65

This week on the Practical NLP Podcast, the most important thing you need to know about changing people’s minds – something that many of those ‘Influence with NLP’ and ‘Get anyone to do anything you want’ courses out there don’t tell you. It’s this: the state that your audience are in is going to have […]

Three Easy Ways To Generate Embedded Suggestions

‘Embedded suggestions’ are suggestions to the listener’s unconscious mind, embedded within a longer sentence that on the surface may be saying something quite different. Embedded suggestions are a concept borrowed from the hypnotic techniques of the ‘father of indirect hypnosis’, Milton Erickson. If you subtly emphasise some parts of a sentence (by tone, or pausing, […]

The easy way to achieve rapport

In the Rapport 101 article we found that studies suggest that three elements have to be present for rapport to be possible: mutual attention – where each person is tuning in to the other shared positive feeling, and synchrony – where people unconsciously respond to each others’ movements and gestures When someone meets you for the first […]

Upscale Your Influence

There are many tips and tricks for influencing others – a good source is Robert Cialdini’s classic book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Rather than try to learn all of them at once you may prefer to use a simpler way to discover what works uniquely for you, because there’s a lot to remember and […]

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