Outframing: A Process For Loosening Limiting Beliefs

What is Outframing? Outframing means broadening or pulling back the frame to see how the meaning of something changes when seen in a different, wider context. In their vast endeavour The Encyclopedia of Systemic NLP and New Coding, Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier outline a process called ‘Belief Outframing’, in which you examine a limiting belief […]

Identifying Unhelpful Frames In Your Life And Work

A ‘frame’ in NLP, and indeed in psychology, is the context we put around something in order to decide what it means. It’s as if we are drawing a boundary around it which includes part of our experience and excludes the rest. Whatever is inside the boundary, we use as the context to make sense […]

Framing And Some Commonly Used Frames In NLP

All meaning is context dependent. When you put a picture in a frame in an art gallery, it changes the way people look at it. It becomes “a work of art”. Marcel Duchamp caused a revolution in the art world in 1917 with his work ‘Fountain’, which was just an ordinary porcelain urinal – but […]

Frames: Practical NLP Podcast 53

A new topic for the next series of podcasts: frames! The meaning we attach to what we perceive, and even what we notice versus what we don’t notice, is strongly influenced by which ‘frames’ we are using. This podcast introduces the topic, and explains some commonly used frames in NLP and when they may be […]

Practical NLP Podcast 4: Learning Frames

This week’s podcast is worth a listen if you are starting out on learning any new skill, NLP or not. It features, among other things, state-dependent memory, ‘uptime’ and ‘downtime’, the four stages of learning, ‘deliberate practice’, the mindset that will really help you succeed (it’s not quite what the ‘success gurus’ usually tell you), […]

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