How To Elicit A Strategy: Practical NLP Podcast 46

podcastepisode46This week we look at how to use the TOTE model to elicit someone’s strategy – either for doing something that they are good at, or for having a problem. So strategies are useful both for modelling excellence and skills transfer, and for problem-solving in coaching and therapy.

The TOTE model is included below to save you looking for it in the shownotes for the previous episode. Plus the eye accessing cues chart that the podcast refers to.


01:10 – Formal vs. Informal strategy elicitation
01:53 – The best time to elicit someone’s strategy
02:18 – Step by step guide to how to elicit a strategy
04:06 – The thin line between Elicitation and Installation
05:31 – How you know if there are gaps in what you’ve discovered
05:58 – Eye accessing cues (and other non-verbal signs) in strategy elicitation
06:40 – How to get someone’s strategy even when they don’t consciously know it

Duration: 9m18s

The TOTE Model – Test, Operate, Test, Exit

TOTE Model

The first Test is the one that sets the whole process off. It’s a comparison of the current state with the desired state. The first Test essentially asks “Have we achieved our goal yet?”, and the specifics of what the goal is and the criteria going into that comparison vary depending on which strategy it is.

The Operate stage is one or more steps that could be gathering information from the outside world, performing some action, remembering something, making comparisons, or creating internal representations.

The second Test is a comparison to answer the question “Have we achieved our goal yet?” using the same criteria that were established by the first Test.

If the answer is “Yes”, then we Exit the strategy. If the answer is “No”, we loop round and repeat the Operate stage again.

Eye Accessing Cue Chart

NLP eye accessing cues

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