Shelle Rose Charvet And The LAB Profile®: Practical NLP Podcast 82

This week’s episode is an interview with LAB Profile® queen Shelle Rose Charvet – with a very special offer included!

One of the most respected figures in NLP, (and probably the most entertaining speaker), and bestselling author, Shelle has been researching and using the LAB Profile® (a more user-friendly development of metaprograms) for over 25 years.

In our conversation, we discover:

  • how Shelle got into NLP
  • what she’s excited about in the field now
  • the existence of software that can analyse people’s LAB Profile patterns from their emails and tell you how to reply in a way that matches their patterns
  • why the LAB Profile is not about putting people in boxes
  • how to recruit proactive people
  • a tip for influencing ‘internally referenced’ people that won’t put off ‘externally referenced’ people
  • … and much more!

Special offer for podcast listeners – valid until 16 April 2018:

Take the Online LAB Practitioner certification course for half price – visit this link to check it out and should you decide to go ahead, use the coupon code FROMANDY50% (I am taking this course myself and I can confirm that it’s really useful and high quality)

Sites Shelle mentions in the podcast:

The NLP Research and Recognition Project

The NLP Leadership Summit

Books by Shelle:

If you are at all interested in NLP, you probably have Shelle’s first book, Words That Change Minds: Mastering The Language Of Influence, already (and if you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it).

Shelle tells me that her second book, The Customer Is Bothering Me, is really the one that the NLP reader will be interested in, as it takes the insights of the LAB Profile to the next level (which has given me the nudge I needed to finally start reading it myself).

Duration: 43m 29s

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