Selling With NLP: Easy Techniques That Can Help You

There are two aspects to success in sales – one is the ‘numbers game’, which is about actually contacting the customer. Given a certain ratio of sales to number of contacts, the more customers you contact, the more sales you make.

If you already have a proven sales model in place, work with it. Follow the steps (in a ‘Procedural’ fashion) and you will get results. The key to success here is taking action, and there are various NLP tools you can use to manage your state and help you stay motivated:

You may also have your own favourite tools from NLP for state management.

The other key factor in sales success is establishing a relationship with your customer, understanding their needs, and convincing them to buy from you at the right time, rather than from someone else at some undefined point in the future. The CRAFT Model is designed to give you a structure that helps you do this.

If you have your own proven sales model already in place, how could you take one or more of the NLP tactics listed above and apply them to your own process to turbocharge your results?

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