The SCORE Model: Practical NLP Podcast 78

SCORE modelThe SCORE model is not taught on that many NLP Practitioner courses, which is a shame as it’s very useful in coaching and problem solving and doesn’t require superhuman sensory acuity to use (although that helps of course).

This episode introduces the model and gives some sample questions and tips on how to use it successfully when coaching individuals.

In this week’s podcast:

  • How Robert Dilts and Todd Epstein developed the SCORE model
  • Why it’s better than the ‘Present State to Desired State’ model it evolved from
  • How the elements in the model relate to time
  • Sample questions for each element in the model
  • A brief description of a client breakthrough
  • … and much more!

For a fuller description, more tips, and how to use it with teams in a business setting and with an Appreciative Frame, get my little e-book How To Work With The SCORE Modelthe first in the Practical Coaching Guides series.


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  1. Lola

    A valuable resource for coaching with NLP.

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