Respect For The Other Person’s Map Of The World – Interview With Andy Smith part 2: Practical NLP Podcast 84

Practical NLP PodcastThis week we have the second half of an interview that we did about how to apply the principles or ‘presuppositions’ of NLP to improve your life and work.

In the first half we explored the principle that “The map is not the territory”. In this interview we look at another principle that flows naturally from that one: “Respect for the other person’s map of the world”.

Among other things, we talk about:

  • Why you can’t change someone’s mind unless you start from where they are now
  • The importance of establishing credibility in a business context
  • If you focus too much on achieving a desired outcome from every communication, you will miss out on more open conversations where both parties learn from each other.
  • Appreciative Inquiry, a method of change that focuses on doing more of what is already working rather than trying to analyse problems, and the difference that can make in your life (OK it’s not NLP but it’s worth knowing about)
  • How to use the ‘scaling’ tool from the related field of Solution Focus in coaching and self-improvement (also not NLP, also worth knowing about)
  • How to use ‘chunking’ to overcome inertia
  • … and much more!

My interviewer is NLP coach Deb Johnstone, and the interview was originally conducted as part of her ‘Better Balance Greater Business’ summit – contact her at to find out more about that.

The free gift she mentions is my audiobook Practical NLP: How to use NLP principles to improve your life and work, even if you’re not NLP trained yet – download it from!

More about the ‘Respect For The Other Person’s Map Of The World’ presupposition

More about establishing your credibility

More about outcome-focused persuasion versus learning conversations here: ‘Is NLP Manipulative?’

More about how to use scaling questions

More about Appreciative Inquiry here – I run a two-day course in how to get started with using it in group facilitation or one-to-one coaching.

Duration: 25m 40s

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