Practical NLP Podcast 42: Milton Model 4 – Embedded Suggestions

Embedded suggestions podcastContinuing with our exploration of the Milton Model and how to use it, this episode covers ’embedded suggestions’ – a way of embedding a word or phrase within a longer sentence that your listener’s unconscious mind will hear as a suggestion, without their conscious mind noticing.

This is useful for changework and coaching, for encouraging people you care about to feel better or more motivated, and of course for influencing people to feel and act in the directions you would like them to. Even more usefully, this episode helps you to stop inadvertently making embedded suggestions that are discouraging or unhelpful!


  • How to covertly mark out your embedded suggestions
  • How to turn a question into a suggestion
  • How to practice Milton Model patterns
  • The strange British custom of taking their children to the supermarket to punish them
  • … and much more!

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Duration: 9m15s

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