Practical NLP Podcast episode 32: Presuppositions in Language part 1

podcastepisode32In this week’s podcast we start to look at ‘linguistic presuppositions’ or presuppositions in language – the implicit statements embedded in what people say or write that you have to take as true (‘presuppose’) in order to make sense of it.

When you can spot these, you can ‘read between the lines’ of what someone is saying or writing to discover their unstated beliefs and assumptions. You can also build presuppositions into your own language in order to help your audience or clients to make changes – to loosen limiting beliefs, get them to change their minds, or to make a sale easier.

This episode tells you how to recognise and use four different kinds of presupposition:

  • Existence
  • Possibility or Necessity
  • Cause and Effect
  • Complex Equivalence

… with five more to come in the next episode!

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Duration: 11m43s

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