Practical NLP Podcast 34: The Hierarchy of Ideas (or ‘Chunking’)

podcastepisode34In this week’s podcast we learn about ‘chunking’ – how people parcel up information into three or four ‘chunks’ in their working memory. We get our heads round the ladder of abstraction, or ‘Hierarchy of Ideas’, from big picture all the way down to details.


  • Why you are likely to be promoted and rewarded more if you are comfortable with a high level of abstraction
  • Why listening to a lecture with a lot of long words sends you into a trance
  • Why chunking sideways is the essence of creativity
  • What happens if you interrupt a detail-focused person if they’re telling you about their day
  • … and much more!

Here’s the diagram referred to in the podcast (feel free to use this on your own blog by the way):

hierarchy of ideas Chunking

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Duration: 16m10s

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