Practical NLP Podcast Back Episodes And Transcripts – Latest Volume Out!

Practical NLP Podcast volume 9The latest volume of the Practical NLP Podcast collected episodes and transcripts is now available! The theme for this one is mostly around dealing with ‘difficult’ people, although it also includes helpful models for understanding organisational change, predicting the emotional impact of decisions, a useful selection of meta programs, self-awareness and dealing with criticism.

Volume 9: Models and Applications includes these episodes:

58. Levels of Change (also known as ‘logical levels’)
59. Meta Programs part 1
60. Meta Programs part 2
61. Meta Programs part 3
62. Perceptual Positions
63. Effective Feedback and Learning from Criticism
64. The ‘Satir Categories’ and Learning from ‘Difficult’ People

with transcripts and downloadable audio for each episode.

34 pages of transcripts and 80 minutes of audio in total.

And of course you can get all nine volumes as a bundle to save money!

Practical NLP Podcast bundle

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