Practical NLP Podcast 7: Presuppositions of NLP part 1

Practical NLP Podcast with Andy Smith

This week’s Practical NLP podcast is the first of a series where we explain the principles or ‘presuppositions’ of NLP – including some tips from the Practical NLP audio course which you can get for free when you subscribe to the Practical NLP Newsletter.

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Practical NLP Podcast Collection Volume 1 coverNote: this episode is no longer available on Apple Podcasts. You can still listen to it as part of the Practical NLP Podcast Collection Volume 1 – which also gives you transcripts of the audio.

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  1. Peter

    Truth does seem to be out of fashion, doesn’t it?

    1. Andy Smith

      Hi Peter
      Your comment would be an example of what is called in NLP ‘simple deletion’, where there isn’t enough context supplied to let the listener know what the question means or refers to. Could you elaborate?

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