Practical NLP Podcast 41 – NLP, Blogging and Social Media


This week something a bit different – social media expert Sarah Arrow of interviewing me about how NLP can help bloggers and people using social media in their marketing.

I posted the video of the interview (done via Google Hangouts) previously – here is the audio from it. OK, you don’t get to see Sarah, but on the other hand you won’t get distracted by Hangouts’ automated cutting from her to me and back!

Sound quality not up to its usual standard this week (Hangouts inserted some weird ‘underwater’ noises) but I hope you’ll find some useful tips. Also there’s no transcript this week – but the podcast is longer than usual at 29m30s.


  • how to stop yourself reacting to ‘hurtful’ blog comments
  • how to use perceptual positions in crafting your message
  • my top three tips on how to use NLP in blogging and other written communication
  • I mispronounce ‘Mehrabian’… and lots more!

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Duration: 29m30s

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