Practical NLP Podcast 31: Language – Deep Structure and Surface Structure

Photo of Noam ChomskyA short and sweet episode this week as we start getting into the ‘Linguistic’ part of Neuro-Linguistic Programming – language!

This episode introduces what’s to come in the next few podcasts, and why this knowledge will give you greater precision in how you use language and, even more importantly, the ability to spot unstated beliefs and assumptions in what other people say.

Plus, it gives you the lowdown on the difference between ‘Deep Structure’ (what we mean to say) and ‘Surface Structure’ (what actually comes out of our mouths).


  • Noam Chomsky
  • Deletion, distortion, and generalisation
  • Why misunderstandings happen

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Duration: 6m39s

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Image of Noam Chomsky by Duncan Rawlinson from Wikipedia

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