Practical NLP 21: Mapping Across Submodalities

compulsion-freedom200This week, ‘Mapping Across’, a simple NLP submodality technique that will help if you like a particular food too much and want to be able to leave it alone – or, more generally, if you want to move from a particular state to something more resourceful (e.g. confusion to confidence that you will understand).

I used to use this a lot with weight-loss clients – it’s a great thing to do in the first session to convince them that it’s possible to change their attitude to food. Recently, one contacted me after about 15 years and told me that she hasn’t been near a chocolate digestive since.

This episode also includes a quick explanation of ‘Future Pacing‘ and why it’s important in therapy, coaching and changework.

Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol 3

Note: this episode is no longer available on Apple Podcasts. You can still order it as part of the Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol. 3 – Submodalities. It has transcripts too!

Duration: 12m 38s

Here’s a quick outline of the ‘Mapping Across’ process in the podcast:

  1. Identify the two states (or values/beliefs) that you want to contrast — one desired, one undesired.
  2. Elicit the submodalities of each separately. “As you think about that, what do you see?” encourages a picture – visual mode is preferable for quick changework.
  3. “Contrastive Analysis”. Identify the Drivers – the critical submodalities that make the difference between the two. (Usually it is good to go for the following as critical: location, distance, associated/dissociated, brightness, or focus.)
  4. Let go of the content of the desired state, creating a void. Change the submodalities of the present state to those of the desired state. Emphasise the drivers. You can leave the content of the present state as it is, although this may change by itself.
  5. Test the change using the internal kinaesthetic experience (e.g. “Does this feel like understanding now?” or “Do you want that food?”) and future pace.

The Mapping Across video demonstration by Tad and Adriana James that I referred to in the podcast is here.

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