Practical NLP 30: Chaining Anchors and Practical Applications of Anchoring

NLP hub states chaining anchorsThe longest ever podcast this week, as we get a step by step guide to chaining anchors, suggest some real-life practical applications for anchoring in business and elsewhere, review the material about anchoring covered in the last few podcasts, and suggest some ways that you can practice and sharpen your anchoring skills.


  • How to get out of a ‘stuck’ state – automatically!
  • How people can get high without drugs
  • Why emotional states are like airports
  • Why you need to be careful if you use music in courses

… and much more!

Duration: 18:02

Practical NLP Podcast Anchoring coverNote: Only the most recent 10 episodes of the Practical NLP Podcast are available free on iTunes. You can still listen to this episode as part of the Practical NLP Podcast Collection Volume 4, which you can get here.

automatic-yesIf you’re excited by this approach to chaining states, and you’d like to go beyond “hub states” to greater nuances such as adding in “accelerator states” while ramping your clients or prospects up into “action states”, then you need to get yourself a copy of Jonathan Altfeld’s “Automatic YesMP3s or CD set.

Jonathan is the originator of the “hub states” idea mentioned in this podcast episode, and he’s one of the world’s leading experts on conversational state change and influencing. Follow these links to order the CD set or download the MP3 version instantly.

Image: Elwood64151, at the English Wikipedia project



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