Get My New Book – Practical NLP 7: Business And Leadership

Practical NLP Business LeadershipAnnouncing my new book, Practical NLP 7: Business And Leadership!

Because business is mostly about dealing with people – listening to their needs, selling to them, motivating them, influencing them, and getting them to work together – NLP skills and tools can help you work, sell and lead more effectively.

This book brings together some models and patterns that we haven’t covered in previous books in the ‘Practical NLP’ series that will help you at work or in building your business. These include:

  • the ‘Levels of Change’ (or ‘Logical Levels’) model for team building and successful organisational change
  • some of the most useful ‘meta programs’ for understanding and influencing people in a business context
  • suggestions for dealing with and even learning from difficult people
  • why changing people’s emotional states is an essential precursor to changing their minds
  • how to run better meetings
  • the 123-XL model for successful negotiations
  • the CRAFT model for selling and influencing with NLP
  • and NLP for leadership.

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