Practical NLP 28: How To Set Up Your Circle of Excellence

NLP Circle of ExcellenceAre there situations that you find challenging? Where you don’t respond as you might, and consequently don’t perform as well as you could? Maybe giving a presentation, or speaking at an important meeting, or maybe job interviews?

Luckily, there’s something you can do about it. With this NLP technique called “The Circle of Excellence”, you can feel at your best whenever you need to. This podcast talks you through how to have your personal resources ready to access, just one step away.

Other questions answered in this podcast:

  • How do you stack additional resources on the same trigger?
  • How long will my resource anchor last?
  • What’s the best time to anchor a resource state?

Duration: 08:35

Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol 4

Note: this episode is no longer available on Apple Podcasts. You can still order it as part of the Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol. 4 – Anchoring. It has transcripts too!

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