Perceptual Positions: Practical NLP Podcast 62

Perceptual positions graphicUse this process to improve any working relationship, especially with a ‘difficult’ person. The Perceptual Positions process is one of the most useful patterns to come out of NLP. It gives you a way of looking at any interpersonal problem from three different viewpoints – yours, the other person’s, and a detached perspective that sees both of you as part of a wider system.


  • Why it’s not really the other person that you have a problem with
  • What ‘first position’, ‘second position’ and ‘third position’ mean in NLP
  • The advantages of each position in terms of the information it gives you
  • The downsides of getting stuck in any one position
  • How to use Perceptual Positions to improve your relationships – a step-by-step guide
  • … and much more!

Duration: 09m 22s

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