What One Of The World’s Leading NLP Trainers Says About The NLP Trainer’s Mega Pack

NLP Trainer's Mega PackI had a nice surprise when I woke up this morning – one of the most respected thought leaders in NLP and author of The Training Secrets of NLP, Richard Bolstad (transformations.net.nz), posted an amazing testimonial for my NLP Trainer’s MegaPack on Facebook!

“Let’s say you are an NLP Trainer and you came through one branch of NLP and want to know what good ideas you could use from other branches. Where do you look? Most trainers are hiding their best exercises, thinking that gives them a leading edge. The best place in the English speaking world might be to start looking in Britain rather than in the USA. The basic material is often more systematic and more willingly shared. A really good example is Andy Smith’s stuff. I bought and downloaded his Trainers Mega-pack. You can get a discount for posting it on Facebook, but I wanted you to know that I actually checked it all first and was delighted with what I got. Andy is an educator, rather than a showman.”

If you just want one of the individual components of the Mega Pack (like the Trainer’s Pack of NLP Exercises, or one of the customisable NLP Practitioner manuals), you can get them here. And I’ve recently switched to a new online store provider that allows you to save 10% just by sharing the product page on Facebook or Twitter!

(If you are located in New Zealand or Japan, I believe Richard is your best choice for NLP training. Check out his courses here and see his many excellent books about NLP, therapy, and communication here)

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