Practical NLP 29: State Elicitation For Anchoring – the How-To

podcastepisode29State elicitation is one area that I think isn’t given enough attention in many NLP books and even courses. But it’s important, because when anchoring fails, most often it’s because you haven’t elicited a strong enough state. Find out how to do it (and of course, eliciting states in an audience, a client or a prospect is a useful thing in itself) in this podcast.


  • Something that will give you pause if you think covertly anchoring responses is unethical
  • Why the wording that many books and courses give you for eliciting states won’t work with a lot of people
  • My attempt at a “John Major” voice!

… and lots more!

Duration: 08:26

Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol 4

Note: this episode is no longer available on Apple Podcasts. You can still order it as part of the Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol. 4 – Anchoring. It has transcripts too!

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