NLP For Sales And Influencing – The CRAFT Model: Episode 68

NLP sales influenceThis week, some ideas for how to use NLP in sales and influencing generally – any situation where you want someone to change their mind. This episode also introduces the CRAFT model for influence or sales.

The CRAFT Model For Using NLP In Selling And Influencing

(Note: whether we are aiming to influence someone or sell them something, we want them to change their minds – so to cover all cases we have referred to the potential customer or ‘influencee’ as the ‘change candidate’ below)

1. Credibility

Establish your credibility – congruence, authority, social proof, command tonality. Anticipate and preframe out potential objections (give credible examples that counter objections before the ‘change candidate’ even thinks of them)

2. Rapport

Establish rapport – responsiveness, understanding, friendliness, matching, positive body language/voice tone. Notice what you can about the change candidate’s values.

3. Away-froms

Establish/discover the problems that the change candidate faces.

4. Future Implications

Explore/ emphasise what will happen if they don’t make a change – you are aiming to ramp up the away-from motivation here. Go as far into the future as you need to in order to get them to realise the seriousness of their problems.

5. Towards your proposed solution

Present your proposed solution. Use ‘because’ to give reasons to hit both towards and away-from motivations.

The CRAFT Model © Andy Smith and Coaching Leaders

Duration: 7m 09s

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