Pattern-Interrupting Money Fears: Interview With Duff McDuffee (Practical NLP Podcast Episode 91)

In this episode of the Practical NLP Podcast I interview Duff McDuffee, one of the most thoughtful people in modern NLP. He specialises in helping creative and neurodivergent people who ‘think different’, as that classic Apple ad used to say.

In our wide-ranging conversation we talk about:

  • Duff’s first introduction to NLP – as for many people, it was via Tony Robbins
  • What it was like working for Ken Wilber
  • What it was like working for Steve and Connirae Andreas (very different)
  • The two ‘paradigms’ (or ways of seeing the world)
  • A technique for reducing the pain of learning from your mistakes
  • Reframing failure
  • The importance of joy in motivation
  • An easy ‘pattern interrupt’ process for loosening fears around money or getting yourself out of a stressful state

… and much more!

This episode is sponsored by Duff’s Transforming Money Fears Masterclass, that starts on 18 May 2024.

In this live class on Zoom, you’ll learn specific methods for transforming any fears you have around money. The goal is to go from feeling worried and stuck to feeling safe and optimistic!

And when you feel good about money, you’re more likely to try things that will bring in more money. This is especially helpful for those of us who are entrepreneurs, as we create our own fortunes. So hopefully this class will pay for itself!

PLUS – book via my link and I’ll send you the Collected Practical NLP Podcast Episodes 1-78! This normally retails for $39.99 – and it includes transcripts!

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Duff’s website:

Free instructions and demo for the ‘Clear Your Money Fears’ exercise Duff described in the podcast

The ‘Resolving Grief’ process by Steve and Connirae Andreas

Transcript of the interview (generated by, and only very lightly edited. Its transcript AI is pretty good, although it struggled with ‘Connirae’)

Duration: 1h 16m 32s

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