NLP In Corporates And Submodalities: Interview with Debra Heslin – Practical NLP Podcast 86

Andy Smith in conversation with Debra Heslin, NLP Trainer, High Performance Coach, and Yoga teacher.

Here are some of the things we talk about:

  • Jack Canfield’s work (you may know him as the Chicken Soup For The Soul guy) is mostly based on NLP
  • Corporates can benefit from NLP (even something as simple as a representational systems test)
  • There’s some interesting real-time interactive technology out there now for corporate training
  • Cause and Effect‘: reasons and excuses vs results
  • What to do when you’re hanging off a cliff and you can’t find your next handhold
  • All of a sudden, a decent online NLP Practitioner training is possible after all!
  • An exercise for using submodalities to enhance a resourceful stateHow to use questions to influence someone’s state
  • A brief intervention from Dakota the golden retriever
  • … and much more!

We talked extensively about submodalities for enhancing a resourceful state – here’s a submodalities checklist you can download for visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic submodalities.

(For more about submodalities, check out this introductory article)

We mentioned a couple of previous interviewees – you can hear the interview with Doug O’Brien here, and Gemma Bailey of NLP4Kids here.

You can find Debra, and details of her upcoming online NLP Practitioner training, at

Duration: 32m 44s

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