The NLP ‘Logical Levels’ Model: Questions For Each Level

NLP Logical LevelsFor an introduction to the ‘Logical Levels’ model (or Levels of Change as I prefer to describe it) see this earlier article.

Each level in this model has particular questions associated with it, to direct your attention to a particular aspect of how a person, a team or an organisation is functioning – or to help you analyse a problem, or a success.

To get the most out of this section, ask yourself the following questions about your current job role, and notice what you learn from the answers.

The questions at the Environment level are, firstly, “Where” questions like “Where am I?” or “Where is this happening?” You can word the question differently, like “In what context does this problem occur?” but it’s still really asking “Where?”

Another useful question at the Environment level is “What is around me?” This could be resources, opportunities or threats.

At the Behaviour level the question is “What am I doing?” – that contributes to or enables a problem, or a success. Of course, you could also ask “What am I not doing?” that contributes to or enables the current situation. In relation to a goal, the question might be “What do I need to do to make this happen?”

As we move up to Capabilities, it prompts the question “What skills do I have that are relevant?” Also, “What skills do I need to get to where I want to be?” Or, for really minimalist questioning, “How?” as in “How can I do this? How can I make this happen?”

At the Values and Beliefs level, the basic questions are “What is important to me?” and more simply “Why?” “Why do this?”

At the Identity level the question is “Who?” as in “Who am I?” or “Who are we as a team?” (or an organisation). In relation to modelling success you could ask “Who am I when I am doing this?” (or “Who are you” if you’re modelling someone else). In relation to goals, or moving to a new level of success, you could ask “Who do I need to be to make this happen?”

At the level of Purpose or Spirit, the basic question is “For what purpose?” You can ask this question in many different ways: “What is more important to me than I am to myself?” “In addition to that, what else?” “What am I connected to beyond myself?” “What greater reality am I part of?”

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