NLP For Leadership: Episode 69

NLP leadershipIn this week’s short but sweet episode, some ideas from NLP to help you be a better leader. Includes:

  • the importance of congruence – or integrity, in everyday language
  • how your example affects other people, with research to back it up
  • the 2005 Fast/Tiedens study on how stories can affect behaviour
  • how to have a positive impact on the ’emotional climate’ of your team
  • celebrity mentions: Gandhi and Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • … and more!

The podcast also asks you to think about how you can apply everything that you’ve learned about NLP from previous episodes (or elsewhere) to your leadership challenges.

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Duration: 5m 12s

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Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol 10Note: Only the most recent 10 episodes of the Practical NLP Podcast are available free on Apple Podcasts. You can still listen to this episode as part of the Practical NLP Podcast Collection Volume 10, which you can get here.

Image: The young Abraham Lincoln, later to be America’s greatest president, debating Stephen Douglas in the Senate election for Illinois in 1858. The debates established Lincoln as a credible presidential candidate. Image from Wikipedia, public domain.

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