NLP For Kids And Starting An NLP-Based Business With Gemma Bailey: Practical NLP Podcast 81

Practical NLP Podcast Gemma BaileyThis week’s guest is the inspirational Gemma Bailey!

Gemma is an NLP trainer and director of NLP4Kids – a company which specialises in bringing NLP to children, their families and schools to help them with mild to moderate mental health and emotional challenges.

With a background in childcare Gemma has translated NLP into child friendly language for delivery by over 20 NLP4Kids practitioners who are working throughout the UK and soon to be overseas too.

Among other things, Gemma talks about how she got NLP4Kids started, why parents and teachers need NLP skills too, and she talks us through her ‘Path of Life’ technique for getting kids to take a responsible look at their future choices (download the instructions here). And, of course, loads more!

If you’re interested in training as an NLP4Kids practitioner, here’s the information about it that Gemma mentions. There are more links to useful information with the Path of Life instructions.

The Superheroes non-profit that Gemma mentions has a Facebook page.

Duration: 47m 27s

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