Why You Need ‘Towards’ Motivation In Goal Setting: Practical NLP Podcast 72

Practical NLP PodcastIn this week’s episode we look at the different effects ‘towards’ and ‘away-from’ motivation when you’re setting goals. Each has its place, but they do different jobs – and if you don’t get the mix right, you’ll never reach your goal!


  • Why some millionaires go bankrupt and bounce back several times
  • Why it’s so hard to lose that last half-stone
  • How to discover if your motivation is ‘towards’ or ‘away-from’
  • How to spot ‘concealed away-froms’ in people’s thinking from the words they say
  • Tips for converting ‘away-from’ motivation into ‘towards’
  • Why it’s important to formulate your goals in positive language
  • ….and much more!

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Duration: 9m 01s

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