Metaprograms Part 3: Practical NLP Podcast 61

Practical NLP Podcast 61This episode rounds off our consideration of some of the most useful metaprograms for business, covering the ‘Sameness/Difference’ and ‘Options/Procedures’ patterns. This week’s episode includes:

  • How to tell how much change each of your team members needs (and will tolerate!)
  • Why consultants working in organisational change often get frustrated with regular people
  • How to present change in a way that will minimise resistance
  • Why you should know how to influence ‘Options’ people better
  • Opening up some possibilities for influencing ‘Procedures’ people
  • … and much more!

If you notice a little extra sparkle in the sound quality this week, it’s because this episode has been expertly ‘mastered’ by Ross Winter at

words that change mindsIn the podcast I mention this book quite a lot – it’s a very accessible must-read for coaches and managers!

Words That Change Minds by Shelle Rose Charvet – order it from Amazon via these links:
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Duration: 11m 09s

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