Metaphors: Practical NLP Podcast 44

podcastepisode44This week’s podcast is a quick guide to how metaphors are used in NLP and how to create them. Featuring:

  • How metaphor is fundamental to how we think and express ourselves
  • Why an angry person is like a volcano and a relationship is like a journey
  • How talking about hummingbirds could resolve a conflict with your business partner
  • How to avoid making a fool of yourself with the wrong metaphor
  • … and much more!

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Duration: 8m23s

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Metaphor MachineReally, this little podcast episode is only scratching the surface of what you can do with metaphors. For a deeper understanding, get this great instructional audio from Jonathan Altfeld: The Metaphor Machine.

It gives you an even more subtle and powerful method for creating useful metaphors than the ‘standard’ NLP approach (which I couldn’t share in this little podcast because a) it’s not mine to share and b) there’s a lot of material there, too much to fit into the podcast format!

You can order it as a two-CD set, or download it instantly in MP3 format.