Making better decisions with NLP (3) – Values: what’s important to you

Values are the abstract concepts which motivate us, and are also the criteria for deciding if our actions are right or wrong. Focusing on your values around a decision before you take it will help you to focus more on consequences, and give you the persistence to persevere if things get tough.

The following exercise will work better if you get someone else to ask you the questions – that way you can give your full attention to your answers.

Relevant questions: What’s important to you about <decision>?
What else is important to you about <decision>?

Keep asking until you run out of answers – then ask “What else is important to you about <decision>?” again, as this may unearth some more values that you weren’t consciously aware of.

If any of the answers are in the form of things or activities, rather than abstract concepts, ask “What’s important about <answer>?” until you get to an abstract value.

Also check for values clashes, which can lead to dilemmas, being “stuck”, or inconsistent actions. In extreme cases, a  “parts integration” session with a good NLP practitioner may be helpful to resolve the clash.

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