Levels Of Change: Practical NLP Podcast 58

practical nlp podcastThis week’s podcast covers one of the most useful models in NLP – the ‘Logical Levels’ or ‘Neuro-Logical Levels’ model developed by Robert Dilts. This is a powerful map for coaching individuals, and is also a useful way to analyse change in a team or organisation. It’s even applicable in the field of branding.

The podcast includes:

  • Why moving house may not be enough on its own to solve your neighbour problems
  • Why many training courses don’t have a lasting effect
  • Why Hollywood produces so many duff copycat films and sequels
  • How to use Levels of Change to improve the performance of your team
  • … and much more!

Show notes: the model is outlined in this post on my other blog:

Using the NLP ‘Logical Levels’ model with Appreciative Inquiry

(if you’re really interested in this model, check the comments section of that post for a snapshot of why some people in NLP say it’s not really NLP, and references to some associated critiques of it – only worth doing if you’re a real NLP nerd though)

Duration: 19m 02s

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Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol 9Note: Only the most recent 10 episodes of the Practical NLP Podcast are available free on Apple Podcasts. You can still listen to this episode as part of the Practical NLP Podcast Collection Volume 9, which you can get here.

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