How To Tune Up Your Team’s Performance Using Levels Of Change

Levels of Change in a teamYou can use the Levels of Change model (also known as ‘Logical Levels’ or ‘Neuro-Logical Levels’) to tune up the performance of a team, by asking the team members to consider the team in the light of the different levels. Here are some example questions for each level.

Try this with your own team, or just have a go at answering the questions yourself now:


  • What greater purpose (end goal) does the team contribute to?
  • What larger systems is it part of and how does it contribute to them?
  • What is its stated/unstated mission?


  • What is the identity of the team or organisation, and how strong is it?
  • How unified is it?

Values & Beliefs

  • What stated/unstated values/norms does the team organisation subscribe to?
  • What stated/unstated assumptions does it operate from in practice?
  • What mechanisms allow these assumptions to be updated by experience?


  • What skills are needed to fulfil the mission and stated values of the team?
  • What skills needs does it have?
  • What skills do its members have that the team is not yet tapping into?
  • How does the team learn?


  • How closely do the actions of the team reflect its values and mission in practice:
    • within the team
    • outside the team, to customers, suppliers, other parts of the organisation?
  • What should it do more/less of?


  • How well does the physical environment of the team enable it to fulfil its mission?
  • What resource needs does it have?
  • What external constraints does it face?

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