Jonathan Altfeld On Inductive And Deductive Thinking: Practical NLP Podcast Episode 80

Jonathan Altfeld Apple PodcastsThis week’s interview is with a real innovator in NLP, my old friend and occasional mentor Jonathan Altfeld, international NLP trainer and developer of Knowledge Engineering and many other useful tools and patterns.

In the interview, Jonathan shares with us an important distinction that will make you a better coach, therapist or even mechanic: the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning, and when to use each. He also recommends some of the people he thinks are doing really worthwhile and original work in NLP, how working in different cultures makes you a better NLP trainer, and why you need to select your first NLP course and trainer carefully (with a couple of pointers on how to do that).

Here’s the link to Jonathan’s article explaining the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning:

How to Rock Two Different Styles of Reasoning, and Why

If you are inspired to train with Jonathan, here are his upcoming courses.

And for two weeks from the release date of this episode (so until 11pm Eastern USA time, 10 November 2016) podcast listeners can get 20% off Jonathan’s superb Creating The Automatic Yes audio programme, in either CD set or downloadable MP3 format, when you use the coupon code ‘practicalnlp’.

Duration: 48m 17s

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