James Tsakalos Interview: Practical NLP Podcast 79

James Tsakalos InterviewThis episode marks a new direction for the Practical NLP Podcast! Up to now we’ve been talking you through various aspects of NLP in a structured way – essentially the episodes build up into an audio home study pack for an NLP Practitioner course (contact me if you’d like to license them for your own Practitioner courses).

From now on, I’ll be interviewing various stars of the NLP field – people I rate and admire. The episodes will be quite a bit longer – rather than the 10 minutes or so of most of the episodes so far, we could go up to an hour.

A couple of weeks ago I was running some corporate trainings in Malaysia, so while I was in a closer time zone than usual to Australia I took the opportunity to interview someone I’ve wanted to talk with for a long time – Melbourne-based NLP trainer and innovator James Tsakalos.

James is somewhat unusual in the NLP field these days because he runs super in-depth NLP Practitioner trainings that are 28 days long! He’s also developed some exciting new approaches, notably Spiral Somatics.

Our conversation ranged far and wide, covering among other things:

  • Why it’s not easy to choose an NLP Practitioner course until you’ve already had quite a lot of experience of NLP, so you just have to hope you get lucky unless you do some research beforehand
  • Who James really admires in the NLP field
  • A great process for making perfect choices – the ‘Trousers of Time’! (process notes to follow but James explains the steps pretty clearly in the podcast)
  • Why reading Terry Pratchett’s books about witches is a great preparation for being an effective NLP Practitioner

Duration: 46m 28s

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Links to some of the things we mentioned in the conversation:

Jonathan Altfeld’s Knowledge Engineering
Notes for running the Trousers of Time process (to follow)

Where to catch James running a course in the near future:
NLP in Melbourne
Spiral Somatics in Melbourne
Spiral Somatics in India
Spiral Somatics in Dubai
Spiral Somatics in the UK

Books mentioned in this episode:

Spiral Dynamics by Don Beck and Chris Cowan



Books by Terry Pratchett





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