Improve Your Spelling With The NLP Spelling Strategy: Practical NLP Podcast 50

NLP spelling strategyIs your spelling holding you back?

Lots of people who thought they were just ‘naturally bad spellers’ have improved their spelling with the NLP Spelling Strategy. It turns out they weren’t naturally bad at all, they were just using a strategy that didn’t work very well. Find out the strategy that works in this week’s podcast!

(Also useful if you’re teaching people to spell, of course)


1.34 – Why trying to use what the word sounds like to spell it works OK in Italian or Spanish, but won’t work for English

2.47 – Where to look on YouTube to find videos of the NLP Strategy being taught

3.07 – I talk you through the strategy step by step

4.26 – How you’ll know when the strategy has worked!

Duration: 6:21

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  1. Andy Smith

    It turns out that the website for Magical Spelling that I mentioned in the podcast has changed its address – it’s now at

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