How To Negotiate Better: Practical NLP Podcast 67

Negotiation NLPFollow the steps in the 123-XL Model to be a better negotiator. With some tips on how you can use your NLP skills to get better results in negotiation.


  • 3 ways to look at the negotiation
  • 6 common tactical errors in negotiation – and what to do instead
  • Useful negotiation tactics from NLP
  • How to learn from the negotiation to get a better result next time, whether it went well or badly
  • … and much more!

The 123-XL Model © Andy Smith

Duration: 11m 52s

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Books recommended in the episode:

getting to yesGetting To Yes by Roger Fisher and William Ury – not NLP, but the classic book on negotiation

Buy it from |


integrityInfluencing With Integrity: Management Skills for Communication and Negotiation by Genie Z Laborde – has a good negotiation chapter

Buy it from |


friendfoePlus another new book I haven’t read yet but the authors say very interesting things about negotiations in interviews I’ve heard:
Friend & Foe: When to cooperate, when to compete, and how to succeed at both by Adam Galinsky and Maurice Schweitzer

Buy it from |

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