How To Elicit Values: Practical NLP Podcast 70

NLP Podcast - ValuesIn this week’s episode we learn how to elicit values the NLP way, and why values are important for motivation. This is useful for coaching and for personal development, and essential for successful goal-setting.


  • A simple process for eliciting values (your own or a client’s)
  • How to know when you’ve got a genuine value rather than just a thing that’s nice to have
  • Why you need to watch out for words like “satisfaction” or “fulfilment”
  • Why you need to get your own values out of the way when eliciting someone else’s
  • … and much more!

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Duration: 9m 10s

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Practical NLP Podcast Collection Vol 11Note: Only the most recent 10 episodes of the Practical NLP Podcast are available free on Apple Podcasts. You can still listen to this episode as part of the Practical NLP Podcast Collection Volume 11, which you can get here.

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