Finding Your Direction and Connecting With Your Values – Interview with Andy Smith (Practical NLP Podcast 89)

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Everyone wants tips on how to get what they want – but it’s more important to decide the right direction for you, or you might put a load of effort into ending up in the wrong place!

Recently I was a guest presenter at Fran Wilson’s ‘Growth Mindset Live’ virtual event, where he interviewed various experts around the subject of escaping from your day job and building your own business.

Most of the people he interviewed were experts on making money online, affiliate marketing and the like. If you know me, you’ll be aware that I’m not really a marketing guy, so I thought I’d better offer something different.

So what you get in this recording is a little bit about my escape from a job that I wasn’t suited to, some tips on how to make better decisions than I made, how to make sure that what you’re going for is actually what you want, and also an exercise borrowed from Appreciative Inquiry to help you identify what you really love doing.

Here are just some of the nuggets you can find in this interview:

4m19s: How I got into NLP

5m25s: Why you shouldn’t wait until you’re forced by events to make a decision

10m30s: The question to ask yourself to get past procrastination

11m25s: Why it’s more important to know where you want to be than having techniques for getting there

12m15s: The vital step that people often miss with goal setting

14m15s: Demo (a partial one anyway) of how to do an appreciative interview

17m40s: Motivation – ‘towards’ vs ‘away-from’ and the different effects of each

20m50s: How to do a values audit on yourself

… and lots more.

Fran was an ideal interviewer in that he mostly just let me talk, plus he was up for being a demo subject!

Duration: 29m 53s

Reference Links

As promised, here are some articles going into more depth on the topics I mentioned in the interview:

How to elicit values article series

Appreciative interviews (plus many more tips about how to do appreciative interviews here)

Towards vs Away-From motivation

Yikes! It doesn’t look like I’ve written much about procrastination (maybe I’ve been putting it off) so I’ll write something about that soon – make sure you subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss it when it comes out!

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